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I'm just starting my collection of cels. I will probably move this to my own site eventually, but until then, this will be where I showcase all the cels I have. Feel free to check out my website at vrillusions.com

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12/27/2007Finally got me a new scanner so I can update the cels again. Added one from Oh My Goddess today. Rest are from Photon that I'll get scanned at some point.

Fwiw, I got the Cannon CanoScan LiDE90. It's really inexpensive and I'm happy with the image quality.
12/13/2007I got some feedback by Jessica a while ago to identify the series that has been unknown for so long. They are from a hentai called Kigurumi Sentai Kiltian. Also thanks to her blog I realized I can upload high res images. So I've uploaded the higher resolution scans I made of those too.

(edit) I recently discovered that actual name is Kigurumi Sentai Quiltian.
9/7/2005Added a nice cel of Yoko from Bastard!!. Good quality except for all the cels sticking to one another. Also chose a slightly more colorful scheme. Like it better then the all grey it was before. Still isn't too bright.
6/15/2004I got the screen caps for all the photon cels done.

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Title Last Updated
Bastard!! (1) 9/7/2005
Evangelion Reproductions (12) 4/13/2003
Kigurumi Sentai Quiltian (2) 10/3/2002
Oh! My Goddess! (5) 12/27/2007
Photon: The Idiot Adventures (4) 4/16/2003
Sonic the Hedgehog (1) 10/10/2002
Yat Anshin Utchuu Ryoku (2) 10/3/2002

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Gallery Created: 10/3/2002

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